• Flavio Favelli
  • UNIVERS - A metaphysical shop
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Fondamenta Sant’Anna:
  • Castello, 994 (Via Garibaldi) - Venezia
  • Waterbus n. 1, 2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 8 Arsenale/Giardini stop
  • Photo: © Flavio Favelli

“In my ideal city there has always been a shop,
although it is not one entirely because it exists in order to
recreate the atmosphere of a shop rather than in order to sell things.
It's a place where you can feel as if you were in a nice shop,
but where only a few things are sold, almost nothing in fact."
(Flavio Favelli)

On the occasion of the 57th International Biennial of Art in Venice, Flavio Favelli will open a temporary shop to the public at the Fondamenta S. Anna (Castello 994, at the end of Via Garibaldi), in which to exhibit and put on sale a collection of works. They will be unique and original objects, signed by the artist, at a price of 20 Euros each.

The shop will be a environment-work and it aims to give people a different experience from the normal commercial situation, as it will have a more "metaphysical" dimension. It will be a shop as well as an "anti-shop", offering a selection of works for sale according to modalities, prices, times and rhythms that are unlike those we usually encounter.

"A store consisting of unique and exclusive things that are also cheap could only be a work of art" the artist says. "I'm thinking of a place that does not conform to the global rules of society and the market, according to which you always have to pay a high price for high quality goods".

It is not uncommon, especially in the south of Italy – but also in several other countries of the world – to come across certain shops, usually run by the original owners, with furnishings that have remained unchanged over time, and perhaps with a shop window that is half-empty but dignified and decorous, where some isolated objects have been put on display in an orderly way.

These shops are now very few and far between and they testify to a bygone age, where outmoded ideas and concepts as regards the product, sales and earnings still manage to survive.