• Andrea Morucchio
  • The Rape of Venice
  • from till
  • Tuesday - Sunday, - (closed on Monday)
Exhibition produced by:
  • Nuova Icona
Curated by:
  • Matteo Bertelè
  • Vittorio Urbani
Project manager:
  • Marco Vidal
Part of:
  • MUVE Contemporaneo
    Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
  • Regione Veneto
Exhibition produced by:
    MAVIVE Parfums Venezia
In collaboration with:
    Accedemia del Profumo, Milano
    Atelier Fragranze, Milano
Web site: Mocenigo Palace Museum:
  • Santa Croce, 1992 - Venezia
  • Waterbus n.1, San Stae stop

The Rape of Venice is the title of a multimedia installation project by the venetian artist Andrea Morucchio. It is part of MUVE CONTEMPORANEO, an exhibition involving the languages of contemporary art that the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia will display in its Museums during the Biennale Internazionale d’Arte 2015.

It involves a multimedia installation in Palazzo Mocenigo, Venezia comprising different elements such as, an overlaid printed floor, an audio track, video projections, and the diffusion of a fragrance.

Through the synergy of a series of heterogeneous elements, in terms of technique and language, The Rape of Venice encourages the public to reflect on the present conditions confronting Venice today, its decline, and its relentless transformation into a theme-park for millions of tourists. The Rape of Venice, far from being didactic and propagandist, intends to elicit feelings of suspension, instability, bewilderment, and generate an awareness and empathy regarding the theme of this artistic project. It seeks to achieve these responses by totally immersing the viewer in the exhibition spaces.