Recently, thanks to its contacts with the contemporary art and culture of the Arab Emirates, Nuova Icona hosted the residence and exhibition of the artist Alaa Edris, from Sharja, UAE, in the rooms of the San Ludovico Oratory (2011). The project has been a co-production of Nuova Icona and Emirates Foundation, Abu Dhabi, UAE, co-curated with Associazione E, Venezia.
Two other residency projects were held in 2013, in collaboration with Ruya Foundation for Contemporary Culture in Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq and Gulan Foundation for Kurdish art and culture, London.
A new series of residency projects, focusing on the exchange, have been held from 2014 in collaboration respectively with Frise K├╝nstlerhaus, Hamburg, Germany and Darat al Funun - The Khalil Shoman Foundation, Amman, Jordan organized in dialogue with Associazione E, Venezia.

Other exchange residency projects are currently under study. The selection of candidates to our residency projects is managed in dialogue with the partner institutions and are not on open call.