• Alberta Pellacani
  • Palinsesto urbano VE
  • from till
  • Tuesday - Sunday, - (closed on Monday)
Curated by:
  • Vittorio Urbani
  • Elisa Genna
Exhibition produced by:
  • Nuova Icona
Technical assistance:
  • Emmeti impianti s.a.s.
San Ludovico Oratory:
  • Dorsoduro, 2552 (Calle dei Vecchi) - Venezia
  • Waterbus n.6, 2, San Basilio stop

Pellacani presents a new project consisting of a video and an installation.

The video is projecting on a screen that covers the Oratorio's altar. The artist's work is the result of a long personal research made of many boat trips and long waits. the artist's gaze turns to Venice, to the architecture and transit routes of the city, looking for the high profiles of the peripheral buildings and discovering the everyday gestures of the inhabitants. What we see is a post-ideologic Venice, that dismisses the taxonomic codes, past maps and narrations, to undertake both vague and detailed visions that belong to the un - permanent and to dematerialization.

A series of “special drawings” dialogues with the video installation. In these sketches one can identify city's glimpses and Venetian landscape, inspired by a very old painting tradition. But they are undefined images, visible only in the dark, made up with a photosensitive and phosphorescent painting. Once again it is a provocative artist's reflection, she raises some questions: “What will remain of all the images that surround us?”, “What is Venice? An image, a reflex or a stage set?” and at last “What do we really know about this city?”

Pellacani focuses on the image of the city in a new way and “Palinsesto urbano VE||01” is intended to be the first of a series of projects concerning Italian and European cities characterized by a special symbiosis between architecture and water.

Alberta Pellacani

Alberta Pellecani was born in 1964 in Carpi (MO) where she still lives and works. She graduated in Bologna at the Accademia delle Belle Arti "Clementina" and at the DAMS, still in Bologna, and she studied the traditional and industrial techniques. Since the nineties she has focused her interests on the human being and on his relationship with nature and she has started to conduce a research using different approaches: photos, video, documentaries, drawings and installations. Among Pellecani’s last works should be mentioned: "Pani dal Mondo" (2006 - video and participatory action during "Festival della Filosofia di Modena"), "Your Chance" (2010 - installation and theatre performance during "Festival della Filosofia di Modena"), "UnaUnicaUnità" (performance of participatory art in honour of the 150th anniversary of unification of Italy), "CUORIstorici" (2012 - per­for­mance of participatory art based on themes of bewil­der­ment/reconstruction/memory/gift and dedicated to the earthquake victims of the Emilia) and "CoseSalve" (2015 – her first documentary/film).