• Alberto Balletti and students of the "Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia"
  • NeoDogi
  • from till
  • Thursday - Sunday, -
  • Special opening: -
Curated by:
  • Alberto Balletti
  • Vittorio Urbani
Exhibition produced by:
  • Nuova Icona
Technical assistance:
  • Emmeti impianti s.a.s.
San Ludovico Oratory:
  • Dorsoduro, 2552 (Calle dei Vecchi) - Venezia
  • Waterbus n.6, 2, San Basilio stop

Works by: Alice Andreoli, Alberto Balletti, Qedim Bacci, Chiara Bettoncelli, Alice Biondin, Ana Brumat, Gabriele Salvo Buzzanca, Maddalena Checchin, Geng Zhong Qi, Gabriele Grones, Lavinia Longhetto, Chiara Mantello, Sabrina Mocellin, Giacomo Modolo, Jacopo Pagin, Gianluca Rossitto, Thomas Santelia, Lisa Stefani, Caterina Tomaello Salvi, Marco Trentin, Giulia Vecchiato, Giuseppe Vigolo, Wang Jue, Nicola Zolin.

The collective exhibition, created by Alberto Balletti and deliberately set up in the sixteenth century location of the Oratorio di San Ludovico in Venice, wishes to create a kind of Venetian Pantheon bringing together in one place all the portraits of the “new doges” that, publicly or secretly, still control the fate of the lagoon city.

Representing the Venice of today, portraying, exposing and putting to shame its strong powers. This is precisely the aim of the exhibition NeoDogi, through the works of Balleti and his 24 young students of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice: to explicitly denounce and, at the same time, to ironically exalt the old oligarchies that, then as now, still control every aspect of social and civic life of Venice.

Moreover, the artists aspire to regain their role as free interpreters of the society and the contemporary. The spontaneous complaint, inspired by the values of freedom of press and expression as felt in Venice since the times of the Republic, now replaces the portraits made thanks to the patronage of the ancient nobility. The exhibition will in fact made up of 14 "metopes" including paintings and engravings all depicting the NeoDogi, 2 sculptures, an audiovisual installation, and a series of prints with same measures performed by 20 artists, all starting from the same picture of a well-known character of Venetian politics. For the occasion, in memory of the oldest Italian newspaper, "La Gazzetta di Venezia", the exhibition catalog will be printed and freely distributed at the show location.