• Aslı Kutluay
  • Melting Point – on the Road
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A cura di:
  • Vittorio Urbani
  • Alessandro Fiorentino
Project manager:
  • Deniz Taner Gökçe
  • Via Gaetano Sbodio, 32/2 - Milano (MI)
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Melting Point, a traveling exhibition project by artist Aslı Kutluay and curator Vittorio Urbani, assistant curator Alessandro Fiorentino and project manager Deniz Taner Gökçe, is now at Milan Design Week after being shown in Venice Architecture Biennale Opening, Masseria Jesce in Altamura and Istanbul Design Biennale.

Melting Point project which is a story of journey, consists of the works, which were reflections on the phenomenon of “Global Warming”, showed structures at the point of “melting” or “cracking” on furniture and presented us with disturbing scenarios as if we have found ourselves in a magic mirror.

The artist has produced a coherent body of new works which are "non-functional" pieces of art and design object intending to create a connection among the artworks, site and visitors. At their essence, these new works suggest purification, a way to recover what we're losing in terms of ecology both of nature and mind and but also in terms of the quality of relationships between human beings.

Kutluay's site specific work is conventionally intended to be balanced on the threshold between art and design. If “art” is a metaphor transformed into an object, “design” is about the industrial production of functional objects, re-thought and re-designed according aesthetic ideas while respecting its functional destination. Kutluay’s work assesses whether these two fields can be further mixed, and their traditional divisions challenged in order to help us go deeper in this direction.